Our Ugly Christmas Sweaters are designed according to the crab neck style. Not only ensures beauty and fashion but also creates a youthful and dynamic feeling, especially for young people. The first plus point when it comes to this product is the material. This pullover is knitted from 100% Acrylic premium 12-grade yarn. We can confidently state that it won’t disappoint you once you have made a choice for us. This material gives you a soft, comfortable feeling without causing itching or roughness. In addition, it has a good absorbent ability and less clumping like common wool products. You will not need to care if the surface of the wool is ruffled after long-term use. With the use of modern equipment, our wool yarns are woven with fabric that has high-density fabric, which gives it warmth when worn. The second plus that makes it stand out from other sweaters is the style. This sweater is elegantly designed with long raglan sleeves. You can wear it on chilly days or customize it to your style. The collar and sleeves are highlighted with double stitches and ribs, creating a sturdy wearing without obstructing body movement. In addition, the neck and waist cuffs are decorated by rib-knit trim with color contrasting. You can freely choose colors according to your preference. This design not only helps you to assert your own personality, uniqueness but also makes it’s outstanding compared to other products. Not only that, the images printed on the sweaters are also meticulously cared for; the lines are sharp, clear, and suitable to the user’s tastes. This range of sweaters is designed with the target audience in mind. Not only for girls, but men can also confidently wear it when going to work, school, or out. And it’s also a great option for couples or families on a camping trip or vacation. Because it is made of premium materials and textures, our products are highly durable. You can easily clean it. Instead of wasting time and effort to wash by hand like other pullover products, this sweater lets you wash the whole washing machine without worrying about fading or tearing. All of our products are made to order by designers with many years of experience, who are responsive to the latest fashion trends. Products are manufactured and tested in The United States, committed to meeting even the most stringent of standards available today. In order to bring the most satisfaction to our customers, these pullovers we can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers. However, our products do not include decorative items, such as rhinestones or glitter. Please note this feature when choosing a product.

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